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“In this current age where information is so readily available in books and over the internet, this generation assumes that it can learn everything there is to know about life from schools and online research. However, some of the best and the most valuable lessons in  life does not come from inanimate objects but from people who are part of your life, and technically have lived longer than you. While you can learn how to be an entrepreneur and plan a business utilizing a gap in the market from books and online courses, your elders will be there to support you and teach you how to pick yourself up if one project fails and how to move ahead despite shortcomings and setbacks. The Legacy Project is a YouTube program that ‘collects practical advice from older Americans who have lived through extraordinary experiences and historical events. They offer tips on surviving and thriving despite the challenges we all encounter.”

10. Be active
9. Have purpose
8. Laugh a lot
7. Value friendship
6. Find faith
5. Be grateful
4. Never too late to learn
3. Listen to others
2. Plan ahead
1. Stay positive

“There is always time to reinvent yourself, there is always time to do those things that you never did before, there is always a way to make a difference and change other people’s lives. There is always a way if you look for it. It is too easy to let what has been control what will be, but every time you experience a change in life, you could look around and decide that you do want to go on with this life. An elderly lady who was my neighbor was always the shy homely housewife but when her husband passed away, she didn’t wither into the confines of her house wondering how to go on with life. Instead she came out and took charge. She learned how to do the bills with some help from her neighbours and she learned how to drive her husband’s car around town to get the things she needed. She became more independent and outgoing, and this attitude reflected in her mental and physical state.”

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